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Company History

Our Story ...

In the mid 1980's Self Service Furniture (a top 100 retailer in the Pacific Northwest)  was searching for software to replace the aging computer systems in its 26 stores. There were not many choices, and the choices that existed were very expensive.

Spokane Washington - Our HomeThey made a bold decision to develop an in-house system using desktop computers. Amid predictions of doom and gloom (especially from software companies) they forged ahead with their project. The task was handed off to a young and ambitious executive named Gary Sauther. Within two years the company was completely up and running on a new PC based system. The results were stunning!  Internal studies revealed that office overhead had been cut by nearly 16% (an annual savings of nearly $100,000). Success!

Word soon spread among independent furniture retailers in the Northwest about the software system at Self Service Furniture. They heard it was easy to use, effective, and reliable.  It wasn't long before several of these dealers began contacting Self Service to see if they could buy a copy of the program. The "light bulb clicked on" at Self Service Furniture Headquarters  and the company formed its first (and only) software division!

A collection of  independent dealers installed Genesis in the late 80's and early 90's. Their input helped the system mature into a powerful tool that could boost profits for almost any style of furniture store. Genesis continued to grow at a slow but steady pace as a division of Self Service Furniture in the mid 1990's until Self Service was acquired by Heilig Meyers. At that time Mr. Sauther entered into a series of negotiations with Heilig Meyers and eventually obtained the rights to the software. With the software firmly in hand, Genesis Software Systems took on a life of its own!

Genesis has grown rapidly since that time. We introduced the industry's first Windows based system back in 1997. We have consistently introduced new technology to the furniture industry while proving that powerful technology can be user friendly too.  More than 700 furniture stores have found this out first hand by making Genesis an integral part of their operations. 

Today Genesis is the best selling Windows system in the furniture industry.

We own our own office building and take pride in coming to our "home away from home" every day to serve our clients. We realize the key to our success is satisfied and happy clients and we work diligently to meet their needs.

Genesis summer party golfMeet a few of us...

Gary Sauther- Gary is the company founder and President. He grew up in the furniture industry and has first hand experience with every aspect of working in a furniture store. Gary was Director of Management Information Systems at Self Service Furniture and developed the software originally used in that company. He is also the primary developer of Genesis. He holds degrees in business administration and computer science from Gonzaga University.

Mark Van Dyke- Mark is our lead technical support and training specialist. He has substantial experience in the retail furniture industry and is  well versed in all aspects of Genesis Advantage. Mark holds a degree in Finance from Eastern Washington State University.

Crystal Migliore- Crystal is our Customer Service Manager. She manages implementation scheduling for new clients and is also a part of our sales team.  Crystal holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Washington.

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