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Inventory Control & Accounting Software For Furniture Retailers

Executive Facts

It's harder than ever to be profitable. Genesis gives you an edge with proven methods for pumping up profits!

Save 44,000 Are you aware that every extra dollar’s worth of inventory in your building cuts your profit by 30 cents? That’s right! A recent N.H.F.A. study found that a typical retailer spends 30 cents to store, insure, and handle each dollar of inventory. That’s nearly $120,000 in carrying costs per year! How can Genesis help? By showing you how to reduce inventory levels without destroying sales and profits. You can be one of the elite few who turn their inventory more than 3 times each year (Compare that to the industry average 2 turns). Imagine saving more than $44,000 in inventory costs each and every year!
Save 7000 Is your company bogged down in endless paper work? Do you know a typical furniture retailer spends more than $34,000 per year on office staff wages? Genesis can help! Our clients slash their office salaries by as much as 16 percent! What’s their secret? They use Genesis. They handle each piece of paper just once. The information from each screen form is automatically distributed to appropriate areas. Genesis is an integrated solution!
Boost Sales Ever wish you could find one simple trick to pump up your sales? This is it. You can use Genesis to print attractive, professional price tags for your sales floor. Can this really help? You bet! A recent scientific study by LEK Partnership in Boston revealed that computer generated price tags can improve sales by 59% or more! Genesis Advantage prints professional price tags quickly, efficiently, and in hundreds of different formats. The tags even include coded pricing information to help you and your staff negotiate the best deals every time.
Improve Profits

Genesis automatically weeds out slow sellers and pinpoints your best sellers. You will know which items truly are money makers and which are not. This is one of the secrets that let some retailers thrive during tough times while others struggle. It’s an edge you can’t afford to be without, and Genesis makes it easy!

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