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Bar Coding in Genesis Advantage

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Physical Inventory Counts
Bar coding is clearly the most accurate and efficient way to manage your inventory!

Bar code reconciliation screenCounting inventory is simple and fast! Imagine completing a physical inventory count for your entire store in just a couple of hours! Just walk around your store with a portable bar code reader and scan each bar code. When you're done, attach the portable reader to your computer and Genesis does the rest! Your inventory is instantly updated and Genesis produces a concise audit trail of the changes to your inventory.

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Printing Bar Codes

bar code labelGenesis Advantage prints bar codes on two different types of paper stock:

Genesis prints bar codes on most printers supported by Windows including:

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Using Scanners
Mini-scanners are incredibly simple to operate and very effective!

CS3000 Mini Scanner - Scan bar codes at point of sale Use the incredible mini-scanner to boost productivity in your store. You can use these affordable bar code scanners in a variety of ways:

How does a mini-scanner actually work?

You will see a  "+" and  "-" button on the mini-scanner. You can add an item to the mini-scanner by pointing it at a bar code and pressing the "+" button. You can delete that same item by pointing the mini-scanner at the bar code and pressing the "-" button. 

When you're done scanning bar codes Genesis automatically retrieves the item information from the scanner and completes the task you are working on! 

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Bar Code Equipment
Check out the bar code equipment packages that Genesis offers.

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