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Inventory Control & Accounting Software For Furniture Retailers

Genesis Advantage - Inventory Control System

  • Unmatched ease of use. See the difference!
  • Drill-Down windows for fast access to deeper levels of information. 
  • Multiple locations for inventory, ordering, and sales tracking.
  • Powerful features for creating and tracking special order items.
  • On-line, full color pictures of any item during stock checks.
  • Fast, easy, and flexible price tag printing.
  • SmartLists for fast on-screen lookups.
  • The Manager's Dashboard assembles important data on a single screen!
  • Active Reports take reporting to a new level. A Genesis exclusive!
  • Genesis WebLink connects you to customers and suppliers through the internet!

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Karsten Iwers
"Genesis Software helped us get our sales, special order and inventory management under control."
Karsten Iwers, Harvest Interiors
gold arrow bullet REDUCE YOUR INVENTORY
  Instant Reporting - Your current inventory position is available on-screen in just seconds. Genesis makes it easy to keep a finger on the pulse of your business!
  Automatic Ordering - Manage the ordering process for stock items in a professional and efficient way. Genesis makes it easy to keep the right items in stock.
  Bar Coding - The ultimate tool for fast and accurate physical inventories. Use portable and affordable mini-scanners for point-of-sale scanning!
  Open To Buy Forecasting - Eliminate overstock problems with the same technique employed by the world's most successful retailers.
  Old Stock Reporting - Use the Markdown Minimizer to move out old stock while taking the smallest possible markdowns.
  Lay Away Manager - Maximize the use of your inventory dollars with this fantastic tool! The Lay Away Manager makes it easy to monitor the progress of lay away transactions so you can re-sell lay away items while making sure the items are in stock when the customer calls.
gold arrow bullet BOOST YOUR SALES
  Prime Performer Reports - Highlights your best sellers so you can invest your inventory dollars wisely.
  Price Point Reporting - Increase sales by stocking the right items at the right price points.
  Advertise More Effectively - Are you spending your advertising dollars effectively? Use our incredible point-of-sale demographics option to reveal the truth in just seconds.
  Price Tag Printing - Computer generated prices tags have been proven to increase sales! Genesis prints attractive display tags for your sales floor in thousands of different formats!
  Improve Salesperson Performance - Monitor performance and help your salespeople maximize their potential.
  Motivate Salespeople - "Sliding Scale" commission plans encourage better sales and profits. Choose from an incredible variety of commission plans to fit your needs!
  Protect Your Profit Margins - The Pricing Alert report automatically notifies you when a cost change occurs and will even print matching price tags to make sure the items on your sales floor are priced to reflect the cost changes.
  Easy-to-Use Point of Sale - Genesis Advantage P.O.S. is unmatched in power and ease-of-use.
  Mr. Know It All - An amazing research tool that tells you everything about a customer on one simple screen!
  Portable Mini-Scanners - Affordable and portable bar code scanners help you complete a variety of jobs faster and more accurately.
  Automatic Special Orders - Genesis Advantage takes the pain out of special orders with powerful features for creating and tracking special orders.
  Item Import - Eliminates Double Entry Our exclusive Import Wizard lets you add new inventory items to your system from virtually any source (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, etc.). Its quick, easy, and will save you countless hours of time!
  Auto-Fax - Automatically fax purchase orders directly from your computer. You will save hours of time each day. Plus! Automatic faxing of follow-up letters for past due orders and orders that have not been acknowledged.
  Auto-Email - Now you can email purchase orders and order status letters directly from your computer to a manufacturer. You will save money by avoiding long distance phone charges.
  Delivery Scheduling - Automate your delivery scheduling for superior efficiency. Genesis uses an intuitive calendar style interface for quick and easy access to scheduling information.Learn more
gold arrow bullet MAKE BETTER DECISIONS
  The Manager's Dashboard - Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with this amazing feature! You will love having the key information about your operation in a single pop-up window.
  Timely Information - Up to the second figures for sales and inventory. Work smarter and faster - not harder and longer!
  Concise Reporting - The information you need the most to make key decisions for your business is grouped by the types of decisions you make at different times. For example, a summary of your inventory levels includes over/under stock totals and open-to-buy totals so you know exactly where to add or reduce inventory from a single report.
  Sales Analysis Reports - Item comparisons, vendor comparisons, style comparisons, and more! Call us at 509-536-4739 to receive a Report Packet filled with examples and descriptions of Genesis Advantage reports!
  Pro-Select - Use this powerful feature for pinpoint control of the information you see on any report.
The Leading Windows-based Software System for Furniture Retailers!
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