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Inventory Control & Accounting Software For Furniture Retailers

Genesis Advantage - Accounts Payable

Enjoy effective and efficient bill paying and cash management. Managing your vendors, cash flow, checks, discounts and reporting, just got a lot easier!

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Accounts Payable Check
  Fantastic Vendor Information Screen - All the details about a vendor are available on a single screen.
  Instant History -An extensive history for each invoice makes research a breeze!
  Point and Click Checks - Genesis also makes it easy to create a check on the fly with Quick Check! Just fill in the check screen (it looks just like a paper check), save it, and print it. It's fast, accurate, and very efficient!
  Quick Checks - Genesis makes it easy to write a check with having to setup a "vendor record" first!
  Automatic Discounts - Set up terms for your vendors and Genesis automatically takes discounts for you whenever appropriate. You can even use manual overrides to exclude specific invoices from discounts, or take discounts that are not normally available in certain circumstances.
  Fast Find - Click on the FastFind button anywhere in A/P to quickly and easily view an audit trail for any invoice, or G/L account. You can even search for transactions entered with a specific dollar amount (great for reconciling accounts)!
  Terrific Reports - A proven collection of A/P reports will keep you on top of this important part of your business.
  Export to Microsoft Office - Almost any A/P report can be exported to Microsoft Excel for custom reporting and analysis.
  Cash Flow Forecasting - Squeeze the most out of your money without breaking a sweat! Genesis shows you what your cash outflows will be over the next 3 months in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly breakdowns.
  1099 Statements - Print 1099 statements with just a couple of mouse clicks!
The Leading Windows-based Software System for Furniture Retailers!
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