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Inventory Control & Accounting Software For Furniture Retailers

Genesis Advantage - Price Tag Printing

Did you know that a study by LEK Partnership in Boston revealed that computer generated price tags can improve sales by as much as 59 percent? Genesis prints professional quality display tags in hundreds of different sizes and formats. Your sales floor will always be accurately and attractively priced.

Tag Printing Screen
gold arrow bullet Here are just a few highlights:
  Windows compatible printers - Use any Windows compatible printer to print price tags. You can use a conventional laser or ink jet printer, or use fast one-wide thermal label printers.
  Print Preview - Enjoy incredible freedom in creating virtually any style of price tag you want on your screen before printing. A convenient print preview feature in the tag design window makes it easy to see what your printed tag will look like.
  Graphics - Include graphics files (like your company logo), lines, and borders for a professional appearance.
  Coded Pricing - Specify up to 3 coded price levels on any tag (for example, print a minimum selling price you can use when negotiating with customers).
  Add-on Items - Include suggested add-on items on a tag to boost improve sales volume.
  Extended Descriptions - Include extensive descriptive information about an item.
  Coded Manufacturer - Print coded manufacturer and item number information to prevent competitor's shopping.
  Bar Codes - Include bar codes for easy inventory counting, or scanning at point of sale.
  Automate Floor Stocking - Tag printing works with our Floor Stocking System to automatically print tags for items that need to be brought out from the warehouse and displayed on the sales floor.
  Price Tag Printer Print tags for any:
  • Inventory Category
  • Manufacturer
  • Single Item
  • Combination of Items (you select from a list)
  • Item Group (includes a group price and individual item info)
  • Purchase Order
  • Receiving Batch
  • Old Stock Report (with auto-markdown prices on the tags)
  • Sold Items (for printing sold tags - includes customer info)
The Leading Windows-based Software System for Furniture Retailers!
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