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Inventory Control & Accounting Software For Furniture Retailers

Genesis Advantage - Electronic Timeclock

Your employees can now clock in, and clock out, on any computer in your network! You will save thousands of dollars on timeclock equipment, and streamline your payroll.

Timeclock screen

gold arrow bullet Here's how it works...
  Password Protected - Each employee is given a timeclock password that allows that employee to clock in and clock out. They just click on their name, enter the password, and then click on a single button to clock in, or clock out. It's fast, simple, and efficient!
  Automatically Add Time to Payroll Check - You can then automatically create paychecks for each employee in the Genesis Payroll module just by pointing and clicking on time card entries for each employee while creating checks on your screen.
  Reports - You can also use the Timeclock module as a stand alone program. It prints great time card reports for your employees that can easily be used with other payroll programs.
The Leading Windows-based Software System for Furniture Retailers!
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