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Inventory Control & Accounting Software For Furniture Retailers

Genesis Advantage - Active Reports

Genesis Advantage is the only furniture system in the world today using active reporting technology. Reports generated with this technology are easier to read, easier to understand, and far more flexible than conventional style reports.

Inventory stock report
gold arrow bullet Three Important Reporting Standards
  Concise - Genesis reports get right to the point. The information you need the most is presented in elegant, concise formats.
  Clear - Ever seen computer printouts with columns and numbers zig-zagging all over the page? They're strenuous to read and formidable to understand. Even worse, these zig-zagging reports make it easy for you to read a wrong figure. Every Genesis report is designed in a clear, columnar format. In fact, the appearance of the reports is determined by real furniture executives...and not computer programmers.
  Complete - All the information you need for making important decisions is included in a Genesis report. For example, the Sales Anlysis Summary provides stock levels, on-order levels, over/under levels, month-to-date sales, year-to-date sales, average profit margins, and inventory turnover rates for every inventory department on a single page! You won't need to comb through several different reports to get the information you need with Genesis.
gold arrow bullet Take advantage of these powerful features in Active Reporting Technology
  Hot Buttons - Incredible reporting flexibility. A Genesis exclusive! Hot Buttons
  • Use PowerSort to sort your report by any combination of 3 columns.
  • Export the report to Microsoft Excel and create custom reports.
  • Print the currently displayed report section to any printer in your network.
  • Save the report in the Report Warehouse for quick and easy access later.
  Drill-Downs - Click on any part of report and watch it come alive! Here are few things you can do on any Genesis report: Drill Down
  • Print A Selected Block - Print just the information you have highlighted.
  • Export Selected Block- Send any part of the report an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Hide This Column - Hide a column on the report so it won't appear on the printed copy.
  • Total for your Selection - Highlight any information and get instant totals for the numbers on your screen.
  Other Active Report Features
Auto Size Automatic Sizing - Genesis Reports are automatically scaled to fit your screen so you can see more data without scrolling. The same re-sizing technology is used on printed reports to make sure each report fits neatly on the printed page in simple, easy-to-read columns.
Color Printing Color Printing - Optionally print your reports in color for improved readability. Genesis highlights key information on reports in color so the important facts and figures don't escape your attention.
Column Resize Column Resize - Customize the appearance of any report by dragging the divider line on a column header to make the column wider or smaller.
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