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Genesis Advantage - Delivery Scheduling

Improve productivity by automating your delivery scheduling! You can schedule customer deliveries at the point of sale, or in a "back room" fashion. The available delivery dates appear in a calendar for intuitive "point and click" scheduling. Just click on a desired date, type in your delivery instructions, and you're done!

Recording a delivery at point of sale
gold arrow bullet Here are a few more highlights from the delivery scheduling system in Genesis...
  Delivery Schedule Printing - Print a delivery schedule for any date, at any time. The delivery schedule includes complete item and customer balance information.
  Custom Delivery Term - Print your own custom delivery terms on the delivery bills of lading.
  Pick Lists - Print pick lists for any delivery date at any time to help your delivery crews efficiently find and organize the merchandise for loading your delivery trucks.
  Delivery Zone Scheduling - You can assign zip codes to delivery zones and Genesis will automatically sort your delivery schedule by your pre-assigned zones. This is a great solution for wide spread delivery areas, or multiple delivery truck situations.
  Flexible - Sort your delivery schedule by zip code, delivery zone, customer name, or delivery time.
  Drag And Drop Scheduling - This is a great feature that is available to the "back office" users. Just drag and drop deliveries to different slots in your delivery schedule to change the order of deliveries. Terrific for accommodating those last minute changes that occur in the real world. It's simple and intuitive!
  Maintain Multiple Schedules - Maintain up to 25 separate delivery schedules! Examples might include In-Town Deliveries, Out-of-Town Deliveries, Customer Pickups, etc. You have complete control!
  Remote Delivery Copy Printing - Print a pickup, or delivery copy, of a sales invoice in the warehouse (even if your warehouse is miles away).
  Fantastic Delivery Schedule Searches - Search any zip code(s) over any range of dates to see when you will be going to a specific geographic area next. Great for maximizing your efficiency at the point of sale, or in the back office! You can also search by other criteria like city, customer name, phone number, and more!
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