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Inventory Control & Accounting Software For Furniture Retailers

Genesis Advantage - Point of Sale Entry

Genesis Advantage point-of-sale is simple and intuitive. Your salespeople will feel completely at ease because entering a sales invoice with our POS system is just as simple as writing a sale by hand.

Invoice entry at point of sale
gold arrow bullet Your salespeople can also take advantage of several unique features at the point of sale:
  Quotes - Prepare a quote for a customer and then keep the quote on-line until you are ready to turn it into a sale. Turning a quote into a sale literally takes just a couple clicks with your mouse.
  Customer Search - Search for a previous customer by name or phone number and let Genesis enter the customer information for you.
  Bar Code Integration - Scan bar codes on your sales floor, connect your mini-scanner to the computer, and Genesis automatically enters the items on the sales invoice for you!
  "Out The Door" Pricing - Genesis automatically calculates the correct price for each piece of a group that you sell for one "out the door" price.
  Automatic Discounts- - No more mistakes on customer discounts! Genesis automatically calculates the right discount for your customer!
  In Store Credits - Quickly and easily apply a credit from a customer return to your current sales invoice.
  Sell Against Incoming Stock Orders - Genesis notifies your salespeople at the point of sale when an item is out of stock but currently on order. They can then reserve the incoming item with just a click of the mouse. Genesis will even automatically order another item to replace the reserved item (upon your approval).
  Easily Sell Item Groups - Items commonly sold together (like a mattress and box spring) can be added to a sales invoice with a single click!
  Add On Reminders - Genesis automatically provides a salesperson with a list of add on items (when appropriate). Just click on an item in the list to add it to a sales invoice! A great tool for boosting sales and profit margins!
  Schedule Deliveries - Review the delivery schedule and set up a delivery at the point of sale. It's fast and efficient!
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