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Genesis Advantage - Special Orders

Genesis provides you with a total solution for managing special orders. You will find incredible tools to help you efficiently process special order items from the time you sell the product, to the day you deliver it.

Recording a delivery at point of sale
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  Genesis keeps track of each special order item that is sold on a sales invoice. These items are assembled in a "special order pending folder" that you can display at any time. You simply point and click on the items in the folder that you want to include on a purchase order. There are 4 flexible ways to create purchase orders:
  • Create a single purchase order for each customer.
  • Create a single purchase order for each item.
  • Combine multiple items from different customers on a single order.
  • Combine special orders with automatically generated stock orders.
Plus, you determine when the purchase order is created, and who creates the purchase order. You can even make changes and additions to the purchase order before it is placed (i.e. add more sidemark notes, add stock items to the order, update item costs, etc.)
  What about sending the orders to the factory?
Autofax automatically faxes orders directly to the factory. You can fax the order while creating it on your screen, or schedule it for faxing later that evening. You can also use our exclusive WebLink feature to transmit your orders over the internet via e-mail. This is a great way to save costs with overseas manufacturers!
  How can you make sure orders are acknowledged?
Genesis automatically tracks orders that don't get acknowledged by the factory and follows up on these orders. How? Genesis watches each order to make sure an acknowledgment is received from the factory in a timely fashion (you specify what "timely" is). A Missing Acknowledgment letter is then automatically faxed, or e-mailed, to the factory for each order that is not acknowledged. This is an effortless way for you to make sure orders don't "fall through the cracks!"
  What about keeping my customers informed?
Genesis makes it easy for you to keep your customers informed about the status of their orders. Customer Acknowledgment Letters can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to them once their orders have been acknowledged. Choose any message you like for your form letter and Genesis will add the details about the customer's product. This is an excellent way to build positive relations with your customers.
  What about orders that are past due?
Genesis automatically sends Past Due Order Letters for purchase orders that are late, or nearing late status. Here's how it works... You begin by setting up a "grace period" that tells Genesis how many days late an order must be before you consider it past due. You can even set up your grace period so that an order is considered past due before it is scheduled to arrive. Genesis continually compares the due dates on your purchase orders with today's date. A Past Due Order Letter is automatically transmitted (via fax or e-mail) to each manufacturer whose items are past due. Each letter contains your custom message and details about the past due order. This is a terrific way to automatically track order progress!
  How do I tell a customer their order has arrived?
You can print a Special Order Contact List at any time. This convenient report contains the details about each order including product information, special instructions, and the customer's contact information.
  Can I easily schedule it for delivery?
You bet. Our powerful and intuitive delivery scheduling system makes it easy!
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